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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Claims She is Not Using Nudity to Build Her Career

rebecca romijn
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in one of her rare clothed scenes
LOS ANGELES — The curvy actress with the impossible-to-pronounce name, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, has denied that she is using nudity to build her career.

"The fact that I appear completely nude in every film I've ever made is a complete coincidence," she said in an exclusive interview with our movie critic, Jack Palethorpe. "That's because it has been essential to each of the plots. The plots call for an intelligent woman, who is not being exploited, but who happens to be incredibly beautiful, to tear off her clothes at the earliest opportunity. It's a genre that has been thoroughly tested with focus groups."

"Amen to that," said Jack.

She declined to give Jack her phone number.

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