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Cheney's Cursing Was Out of Character

Lynne Cheney has said that her husband, Vice President Dick Cheney, was acting out of character when he told Senator Patrick Leahy to "go f**k yourself." She said her husband was not prone to cursing.

"He is such a good man, and more likely to say, 'Up your hole with a jelly roll,' or "˜Bite my crank you bastard' if he's really tried," she said. "He almost never uses the phrase "Go f**k yourself" unless it's to one of the kids or the next door neighbor."

"I can verify that," said next door neighbor, Dr. Denton Skullplate. "As long as I've lived next to the Cheney's I think I've only got one "˜Go f**k yourself' in all the years that I've known him. It's usually just the neighborly "˜Get your f**king dog off my lawn or I'll kill it with a pick ax' that I've heard in the past. He's just not normally a guy that would say "˜Go f**k yourself' unless he really would like to see the attempt," said Skullplate.

Mike Pasternack

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