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Rudolph Giuliani is Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2001
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New Airport Security Procedures on Shoe Removal Go Into Effect
Airport security personnel beg passengers to please wash their socks....

Geraldo Rivera Has Battle Fatigue
Also Has Agent Orange Syndrome
* * *

Bloomberg Becomes Mayor of New York on Tuesday as the Times Square Ball Drops at Midnight
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Separated at Birth: Morticia Addams and Heather Graham
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Muhammad Ali Upset About His Portrayal in "Ali"

LOUISVILLE, KY — Muhammad Ali is upset about being portrayed in the movie about his life by Hollywood actor Will Smith.

Ali, the most famous person in the world, and an icon to many people, said that Smith was a "puny, little, spoiled, insignificant Hollywood brat."

Ali has an Olympic gold medal, was twice the Heavyweight Champion of the world, suffered ostracism and financial loss for his conversion to Islam and principled, conscientious objection during the Vietnam war, but gradually gained acceptance and became the most popular sporting figure in America, culminating with the honor of lighting the Olympic flame at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Smith has only a television sitcom and two stupid action movies to his credit.

Ali, who is suffering from Parkinson's disease, said, "I could still whip that skinny kid's ass!"

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