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And Now We Go to Our Correspondent Who is Reporting LIVE . . .

"And now we go to our correspondent who is reporting live from outside the courtroom in Lower Manhattan. Foster?"¯

"Thank you, Charles. This is Foster Channick reporting live from outside the courtroom in Lower Manhattan. As you can see, behind me everything is dark and the court building is closed, because it is a little after 10:15 p.m. here on the East Coast. But I'm using the building as a backdrop to bring you this live report on the latest developments in the Kozlowski trial. Earlier today, the prosecutors and the defense lawyers refused to speak to me and, as is usual in jury trials of this type, the jurors are not allowed to talk to me, so I do not have any firsthand information to bring to you at this time. But I did manage to speak earlier today with a court sketch artist who says he was inside the courtroom, although this could not be confirmed. I asked the sketch artist to show me his sketch but, since the sketch he did is under contract to a local newspaper, he would not show it to me. I asked him how the testimony went this afternoon, and he said he was just sketching and not really listening. I interviewed some passersby about five hours ago as they headed home from their offices, and they did not have any more current information than we already have. As you can see [turns around] the court building is still standing [faces camera again] and I'll be back at around 11:15 p.m. to give you the latest on the trial. This is Foster Channick, reporting live from Lower Manhattan. Charles?"¯

"¯Thanks for that report, Foster."¯

Emma Dubin.

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