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After Wilma, Hurricane Fred Flintstone Will Turn Planet into Barney Rubble

PLANET EARTH — Still reeling from the Tsunami, the Pakistani Earthquake and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, the planet braced for "the big one."

According to aged wind prognosticator, Max ("Keep on Truckin'"} Mayfield, "Hurricane Fred Flintstone should fittingly turn the Planet into Barney Rubble."

According to Spike Lee, Michael Moore and several lunatics in padded rooms near Pittsburgh, "It's been utter chaos since George Bush started exploding nukes in the Indian Ocean and under Islamabad, and Jeb Bush started operating giant windmills over St. Bernard's Parish, Galveston and the Yucatan Peninsula."

The next global tragedy will send people into a kind of vast Town of Bedrock, with cavemen peddling vehicles with squared stone wheels and dragging Betty Rubble look alikes around by their hair.

George Bush himself will wax eloquent over his likely ongoing hold on national politics. He will appear throughout the Wold repeating,"Yabadaba-Doo," particularly in American and Iraqi voting booths, where he will lead cannibalizing rituals featuring Valerie Plame on Rye.

Van Gross, MD

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