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Saddam Nice to See You

BAGHDAD — The day of reckoning is coming for Saddam Hussein.

The Shi'ite-faced former President of Iraq and seven co-defendants are on trial for their lives on charges of crimes against humanity. While he has entered a plea of not guilty, Saddam does admit to making some poor choices in the past, such as the Norman Rockwell collection he chose for his palace den.

Saddam's chief lawyer, Khalil Dulaimi, is an Iraqi with little experience with major criminal cases. He does, however, have a reputation for being a ladies man, allowing many into his briefs. These women swear he has a schlong equal in size to a ruler. He has been known to represent Shi'ite women pro bono.

Last month, the current Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani, told state television that he believes Hussein is a war criminal and "deserves to be executed twenty times a day" for his crimes. However, Talabani says he opposes the death for women. "I don't think women should be hung like men."

Laurie Siegel

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