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Blunders by Bush Are Part of His Anti-Terrorism Strategy

WAHINGTON, DC — Recent apparent blunders by the Bush Administration are actually part of the President's anti-terrorism agenda. According to an unnamed White House staff member, the alleged intelligence failures and mishandling of the War in Iraq, the Katrina controversy, and even Bush's falling approval ratings are all part of the Administration's plan to protect our country from another terrorist attack.

"The plan," said the White House insider, "is to make it appear that the United States is in decline as a world power. This loss of status will then make us a less attractive target for terrorists."

"It's really quite an ingenious plan," the source continued. "And it's been a wonderful success thus far."

The "loss of status" plan is the first part of the Administration's anti-terrorist efforts. The second phase, to improve relations with Muslim nations, is just getting underway..

"This deal with Dubai," said the White House source, is part of the Administration's efforts to create economic, as well as diplomatic ties, in the Middle East. And again, they'll be less likely to attack us."

"Even this nuclear deal with India, and all those outsourced jobs are part of the plan," the source continued. It's terrific!"

Julie Lynn Ham

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