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Bush Wrecks Cart and G-8 Summit

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia — The G-8 Summit came to a close on a sour note for the Bush Administration as President Bush capped off a weekend of faux pas by wrecking a small electric cart that he was driving. The President and his passengers were unhurt, but the President's $3,000 mountain bike was run over in the incident. An Administration spokesperson stated that the President had left the bike parked outside after a long ride earlier in the day.

Later that same evening, Bush was caught on film attempting to give an unwanted massage to the shoulders of German president Angela Merkel. At the same meeting, the President was also overheard using profanity in a discussion with British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the escalation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel.

An anonymous White House spokesperson blamed the President's erratic performance on a "passionate newly acquired taste" for Russian bottled water. They stated that the President had become particularly fond of a brand of bottled water called Stolichnaya, and stated that the President had consumed an entire bottle during his prolonged bike ride earlier in the day. He was then seen to be carrying one with him throughout the day, and the President's personal physician speculated this resulted in Mr. Bush becoming somewhat over hydrated and water intoxicated.

A White House spokesperson stated that the President made the decision to retire earlier in the evening as his conversational skills seemed to dramatically deteriorate. He was overheard throughout the evening in his conversations with various leaders saying repeatedly and loudly, "Just wait!"

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said that he will be making a gift of a case of the President's favorite water upon his departure. He stated that it would be a conciliatory gesture toward the President for his attempts to spread an American brand of democracy throughout the Middle East and possibly Russia.

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