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Bush Says That Parody News Stinks

WASHINGTON, DC — President Bush said this week that he had been fooled by Bongo News. Bush had assumed that the stories in Bongo News were real.

By the time Bush had realized that the paper was parody, satire and jokes, he had attacked Mordor, tried to buy a magazine with Catherine Zeta Jones' gynecological area, tried to DRAW a roadmap to peace in the Middle East, increased greenhouse emissions because he thought that Europe had given the US the okay, and invited Bono to a cabinet meeting.

Many Democrats, and even some Republicans, are troubled that George Bush has relied heavily on news stories that are almost completely bogus. Like the magazine reports which made their way into the British government's dossier on Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Other politicians have jumped on the bandwagon by placing the blame for their problems on parody news sites. Bill Clinton said, "The Lewinsky scandal was reported by a parody news site, making it false, end of story."

Dan Quayle claims that, "The parody news sites made me look like an idiot."

Dick Cheney has placed the blame for his ugliness on parody news. "I am not that ugly, the pictures of me have obviously been altered. I am very handsome and not balding at all. I am like a God. I rule the World and all upon it!"

"Bongo's make-believe articles cannot fool me, anymore," said Bush. "I am subscribing to 'The Onion.'"

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