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Canadians Accidentally Put Harry Potter Book On Sale Early

MONTREAL — Canadian pride surged this week when it was revealed that Wal-Mart in Montreal had accidentally put the new Harry Potter book on sale a week early.

"People say we're 20 years behind the rest of the world," said one Montreal resident, "and it's not true! Well, it is. But not in book publishing!"

Explaining the accident, a spokeswoman at Wal-Mart headquarters in the US said that the Wal-Mart in Canada is run by Canadians. "We couldn't get any Americans to live there," she explained.

There was a worldwide contract restriction on selling the book until June 21, but the Canadian employees at Wal-Mart put the book on sale on June 12.

"Were they dyslexic?" asked our reporter.

"No, just Canadian," replied the spokeswoman.

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