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Elizabeth Smart's Non-Story Beats Jessica Lynch's Non-Story

NEW YORK — In a senseless battle of dueling TV docudramas with no substance, CBS's The Elizabeth Smart Story beat NBC's Saving Jessica Lynch in the ratings war.

Some 15.7 million viewers preferred Elizabeth Smart's story of her abduction by religious crazies, nothwithstanding that all the interesting parts about her having had sex with her abductor were omitted. Only 14.9 million viewers preferred Jessica Lynch's story of how she remembered nothing about being taken prisoner and possibly sexually abused by her captors in the the Iraq War.

"I must admit that I kept changing channels and flipping from one story to another," said one viewer who was counted twice in the ratings surveys. "I was intrigued that Elizabeth's story told us nothing of interest, although I was also fascinated that Jessica remembered nothing."

Network executives were ecstatitc at the suceess of the broadcasts.

"We never knew that we could succeed so well with nothing stories," said one network executive. "With reality shows declining in popularity, we've been searching for a new formula. Now we've found it. What's so great about it is that it's even cheaper to produce than a reality show. You don't need a script writer, because there is no story, and you don't need a star. What's more, you don't have to pay very much when the subject of the docudrama doesn't remember a thing."

After the broadcasts, Hillary Clinton contacted the networks seeking to sell her story that she still doesn't remember how the missing Foster files ended up in her private office. A bidding war for the rights ensued.

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