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Sarah Palin Thought the FOX Network Was Named After Her

I always keep a yardstick handy in case someone asks me how far I'm willin' to go (wink)

NEW YORK, 2010-01-18 — Negotiations between Sarah Palin and the FOX Network almost broke down when Ms. Palin learned that FOX had been the name of the network for many years, and was not based on her.

"I ended up being a cheap second once," she said, "and (wink) it ain't going to happen to this gal again!"

"There is nothing to make a big deal about here," said a Fox spokesman. "Sarah, living where she does in Alaska, was unaware that FOX News and the FOX Network has been a mainstay of nutcases for many years. After all, the only real vision of the world until now was her view of those Commies in Russia."

Apparently, it required several days of Ms. Palin viewing previous broadcasts from the network, such as The O'Reilly Factor and Glenn Beck, for her to believe that the FOX name was already in use, and to come to terms with it.

"We had a great meeting of the minds and all is well," said the spokesman. "The only thing we have to change is our lead-in to 'Hair and Balanced.'"

Mike Pasternack

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