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Toyota's Problems Caused by Trying to Copy the Movie 'Thelma and Louise'

TOKYO, 2010-02-07 — Japanese automaker, Toyota, has filed a lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company for inducing it to increase the acceleration of its vehicles, leading to a massive recalls of its automobiles.

Toyota spokesperson, Homuchi Yumaki, said that Ford had maliciously planned for years to cause their company damage because of an overachieving accelerator pedal.

Yumaki said, "Ford led us down the garden path by arranging for the movie Thelma and Louise to show off their great accelerator which we naturally stole ... er ... made our own version of after much research. We now believe that Ford let us purposely let us steal ... discover such a great accelerator, knowing full well the potential for our cars running off cliffs and plunging into lakes."

Toyota's first attempt at explaining the problem - saying that it was just the floor mats making the pedal stick - and re-calling 4.2 million cars for a fix costing 50 cents clip did not sit well with drivers of families that were found at the bottom of chasms and ponds, with the floor mats found in the trunk. After much evaluation, Toyota is recalling another 2.4 million cars, with the specific "fix" to be done to these cars still an industry mystery.

"We call on Ford to both answer these charges and to tell how they screwed us," Mr. Yumaki said. "So far, the only person at Ford we have been able to reach was someone named Jack Meoff, who gave us no response but giggled a lot."

Mike Pasternack

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