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Porn Star Ron Jeremy Forms the "Teabagging Party"

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2010-03-14 — Porn star Ron Jeremy has announced his plan to form a "Teabagging Party" in an effort to bring a better understanding between the Republicans and Democrats.

"I sincerely believe that what Congress, the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court needs is a good teabagging," he said. "I have stayed on the sidelines of this government deadlock for long enough, and I feel it is both the right thing and the right time to do."

One of the first members of Congress to agree with Mr. Jeremy was House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

"I think Mr. Jeremy is on to something here," she said. "I'd like to see those Republicans get teabagged."

When asked opinion of the idea, First Lady Michelle Obama was in agreement also and announced plans to have a "teabagging luncheon" at the White House with members from all branches of government invited.

Sarah Palin complained that Mr. Jeremy was only doing this to steal the thunder from her own Tea Party agenda, but was assured by telephone by Mr. Jeremy that she would not only be invited, but that she would be the very first one to be teabagged by him personally.

"If truth be told," he said, "I have wanted to teabag Ms. Palin ever since she first opened her mouth at the Republican Convention."

Mike Pasternack

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