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Obama on Mosque is Out of Touch ... With How Bigoted Americans Are

President Obama inserts his finger into a Muslim's ass at prayer service

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2010-08-14 — President Obama has created a political controversy for himself by weighing in on the issue of whether a mosque should be built at Ground Zero in New York.

At a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan on Friday, the President strongly defended the right of Muslims to build a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, citing the Constitutional right to freedom of religion. The next day, he showed poor judgment by saying he was not saying anything about the good judgment of building a mosque so close to Ground Zero.

But he was too late. He was attacked as being out of touch with most Americans.

"Obama is so out of touch ... with how bigoted Americans are," said Fuzzie Shrapner, a white male in his 20s. "Polls are very clear that Americans dislike Muslims.

"When he starts talking about the Constitution - something about how the First Amendment and freedom of religion - he sounds like a lawyer. I don't want some lawyer running my country, I want an American to run it.

"What did Reagan do when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was up for vote? Did he start reading the Constitution? No. He did what Obama should be doing right now: he made generalizations about a broad group of people and said they were a threat to America.

"And this whole financial meltdown. Obama uses all kinds of words, but he never says anything about how the Jews orchestrated the whole thing. How am I supposed to relate to him? How is he supposed to relate to me?

"He seems like the kind of guy who, instead of scratching a bug bite, would start telling you about how that'll actually make it worse and you should apply some sort of medical ointment. He just has all this 'knowledge' that I find very difficult to relate to.

"When's the last time Obama killed a large animal? He didn't kill ONE last hunting season! But you know what he had time to do? TO GO TO JAPAN. To meet the Emperor or whatever. Yeah, that's not out of touch at all.

"When's the last time Obama called someone a faggot? NEVER, THAT'S WHEN. It's like he thinks he's 'better' than that."

Julio Cesar

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