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Shuttle's Mission is to See if it Can Land in One Piece

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, 2009-07-15 — The mission of the space shuttle Endeavour's seven astronauts will be to see if they can repair their damaged spaceship so it can return to earth and not crash and burn.

"We used to launch shuttles to perform experiments in space, repair satellites and deliver Tang to the International Space Station," said a NASA spokesman. "But after the explosion of the Challenger on launch and the destruction of the Columbia as it reentered the earth's atmosphere, we realized we could get better ratings on TV with disaster scenarios than with routine missions.

"Nobody wanted to watch astronauts doing what unmanned rocket ships could have done just as easily, and we were worried that Congress might cut our funding. So Challenger and Columbia were blessings in disguise, and now we loosen tiles and put large junks of ice on the fuel tanks at take off to heighten the interest for the audience.

"It's fun for the astronauts, too. We get a lot of applicants for the space program from people who did not make in onto Survivor or Lost."

Julio Cesar

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