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Obama Apologizes for Slavery, Criticized as "Uncle Tom"

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2009-01-30 — During his first week in office, Barack Obama moved to close Guantanamo, sign legislation that will create more fuel efficient cars and make wage discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal. But his second week started out awkwardly when he became the first American President to apologize for the institution of slavery.

People in the African-American community said that the apology was "long overdue" and said they believed it was a step in the right direction. However, talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, charged that Obama "wanted Lincoln to fail" and that Obama "single-handedly struck down all the advancements that white racists have made in American history."

Television commentator, Rachel Maddow, noted that it was ironic that America's first African-American President had to apologize for slavery. Some, however, did not see the irony, attacking President Obama for holding the black man down for so long.

An Al Qaeda representative said that Obama's apology is appropriate considering that he is "responsible for America's slavery."

Ralph Nader took the opportunity to call President Obama an "Uncle Tom," arguing that "Obama readily admitted to oppressing himself."


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