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After Passing Health Care, Reps Look Forward to Learning What They Voted For

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2010-03-23 — "What we did was historic," said Leon Pancetta, D - Michigan. "No doubt about it. I look forward to learning what we actually did."

"Don't bother," said Oscar Manero, D - New York. "It doesn't matter. I never get bogged down in the details."

"I was one of the crucial votes" said Carl Norton, Jr, a Blue Dog Democrat from Louisiana. "I am pro life and abortion funding was my primary concern. But I voted for the bill because President Obama promised me he would fix it. I trust him. He has never lied to anybody."

"I voted for it to garner support from the base," said Joseph Wright, D - Virginia. "I have to get Democratic Party stalwarts to vote for me in November. I will still lose, but this way I'll get 30% of the vote instead of zero."

Julio Cesar

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