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'Rally for Sanity' Rails Against Extremists Who Want to Balance the Budget

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2010-10-30 — Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington, D.C. today, and warned the nation that extremists are trying to reduce spending and balance the budget.

It was a brilliant event that will change the course of electoral history.

"The level of discourse in Washington is at an all-time low," said Stewart, in a manner that critics might describe as sanctimonious but which his supporters knew was sincere. "Some politicians are calling for fiscal restraint. That's insane. What's more, some cable channels talk 24-hours a day about how we should balance the budget and live within our means. They are engendering fear!"

"If we amplify everything," said Stewart, "the music sounds better."

Unlike a rally attended by old people who want to balance the budget and who hold up serious signs, at today's rally young people held up funny signs. That is much better than the serious ones, which are SO boring!

"It's really awesome to have a gathering for the progressives who hate the fringe elements, like the budget balancers," said a young woman who held a sign comparing Republicans with Hitler.

A young man held a sign saying, "Decaf Party," a wry reference to his hatred of the Tea Party and its supporters. "The Tea Partiers unite around balanced budgets," he said. "Who wants to talk about that?"

Stewart may feel that his politician blooper tapes and Colbert's faux right-wing shtick are harder to do when all Republicans do is talk is all about spending restraint. How do you satirize that?

The crowd at the rally was estimated at a disappointing 150,000 people, far smaller than the estimated 500,000 people who attended Glenn Beck's rally for individual liberty and balancing the budget.

Young voters have increasingly turned to Comedy Central for political news. Stewart and Colbert deserve a lowering the level of discourse by others so that their comedy news can be heard.

Emma Dubin

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