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Our weekly, satire news site has a readership of highly educated and extremely intelligent, albeit mostly poor and unemployed, people. Our demographics are incredibly good, because some countercultural anarchists hold influential positions in business, politics, the media and institutions for the criminally insane. Would you like to know more about our readers? We would too, but many of them hide their identities for fear of reprisal.

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Bongo News has monthly page views in excess of 4,000,000 and monthly ad impressions of over 6,000,000.

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Bongo News accepts a variety of display ads. Advertisers may opt for either CPM-based or fixed monthly rates. We generally accommodate the IAB standards for banners and skyscrapers, although you are free to propose alternative dimensions. Some of the more popular ad sizes are provided below. For specific information, scheduling and rates, please contact us at: ads(at)our domain

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